Friday, December 17, 2010

Course Review

I really enjoyed this course from begging to end. I absolutely adored the idea of blogging, it made this class feel refreshing and different. The novels we have read are some of my favorite and the topic of the vampire in literature is a fascinating one. I can honestly say this course has helped sate my desire to engage in reading supernatural things. While re-reading some of these books I found a great many connections between the characters and it was interesting to see how the idea of a vampire changed from book to book. Really, the vampire seemed to slowly become more ‘human’ as our novels progressed and the idea of romance became more pronounced. Dracula is a completely different breed of character than say Louis, who holds onto his human attachments and has feelings of remorse upon killing living beings. Yet both retain the feel of the vampire, that indescribable element, a mixture of eroticism and fear that sparks intrigue.

I have a renewed interest in vampiric relations in novels now, and I see patterns and themes especially revolving around the taking in of bodily fluids and homosexual relationships that I will look for in future vampire novels. This course has brought forth an inner romantic in me, and a fascination with a ‘darker’ or taboo side of relationships. Also my ways of critical thinking have improved and I feel I will be able to apply this to future novels that I read.

Perhaps because I was so interested in the course, I took more time to think about my responses and looked into the novels more than I usually do. At first 500 words seemed impossible but after a while I was writing that much and more with ease. Reading over my peer’s blogs also helped me to think on a more critical level and take into consideration things I had not thought of before. I feel the ability to click on other’s blogs and read their thoughts inspired me to think more carefully in my own posts. The questions or prompts each week also helped tremendously when I could not think of a good start to my blog post.

I really enjoyed this class and I hope future classes will drive me to push myself and my critical thinking further.

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